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LNI began in the automotive industry 50 years ago providing high-quality nameplates, labels and badges firstly to Toyota, then expanding to Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi.

We all know that the badges on a car are the key way that the car’s brand is advertised. And usually, car badges outlast the car itself! That is how important brand is in the automotive industry. LNI continues to be chosen to supply to this industry because they are known for being able to provide the quality and longevity required.

Now, imagine if Toyota vehicle badges started breaking, falling off, fading or cracking. For most consumers, their perception would be that Toyota is no longer the high-quality automotive manufacturer that it used to be.

This same precision should be used no matter what the industry or application. If you are providing outdoor blinds – do you want your label promoting your brand to fall off, peel or fade in the first year? Or if you manufacture medical products that need compliance labels – you do not want them falling off or illegible early in the life of the product.

30% Cheaper?

LNI has been in the label, nameplate and badge business for 50 years. One thing they have heard a lot in that time is “why are we receiving quotes that are 30% cheaper than yours?” Well, we are here to tell you why – you get what you pay for!

The labelling, nameplate and badge industry is not a one-size-fits-all sector. Far from it. It is actually a high-precision industry where experience and expertise are essential.

Did you know that there are over 50 different types of adhesives used by LNI for its customers, and dozens of different types of labelling products and materials? LNI has a deep understanding of a range of industries, the applicable regulations, and the combination of materials and adhesives needed for the multitude of applications throughout these industries.

LNI has a team of specialists in its Technical Division. These experts help LNI customers identify the correct materials, processes and product solutions to match their exact requirements. LNI’s staff know what they’re talking about thanks to 50 years of experience, extensive testing and the multitude of industry clients over the many decades.

What are the consequences of inferior product branding products?

Put quite simply, if you are offered a quote that is significantly less than one received from LNI, then you’ve probably been quoted an inferior product. The reason for the cheaper quote can only be one or a combination of the below, the supplier has:
  • quoted on a cheaper adhesive or material to be used,
  • not understood (or not cared about) the importance of their product.
  • not quoted to the spec requested; or
  • not asked enough questions (therefore don’t understand your needs).

The end result is that the label, nameplate or badge will not be fit for the purpose it was intended for and will rarely last the distance.

Why is all this important?
Your brand helps set you apart from your competition. In many industries labels, badges and nameplates are the main way in which you brand your product.

Selecting an inferior label, badge or nameplate that reflects your brand can damage your brand’s reputation and that perception of inferiority attaches itself to your business.

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LNI designs and manufactures high-quality metal nameplates, labels and badges right here in Australia. If you have a product branding issue that needs solving, contact the experts at LNI today.

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