4 key considerations for medical nameplates, labels and badges

It is hard to find an occupation where clear communication is more critical than in the medical industry. Being able to correctly identify and rely on high quality metal nameplates, labels and badges to effectively achieve their purpose is a must.

When designing your best solution for medical equipment, safety labels and servicing information, it’s important that your product provider understands each scenario your product will face once applied. To properly prepare for each scenario LNI recommends that you consider the following when choosing your nameplates, labels or badges.

1.  Location

Location can be very important when considering your application as it requires careful forward planning. Location has two key components for consideration. The first consideration is where it is going to be used as potential knocks and scratches of working in a fast-paced environment may mean you’ll need to consider a thicker more durable material for your label. The second consideration is the location of the label on the product. Each label can provide unique advantages specific to its application such as different adhesive solutions for tricky surfaces like powder coating.

2. Durability

Wear and tear are a given with all equipment so you want to ensure that your product labelling can withstand the test of time whether it is in the operating room, a lab or in a general practice. Both abrasion and fading become major concerns as they can compromise both the visual quality of your product and the message it is trying to convey.

3. Cleaning requirements

Cheap metal nameplates, labels and badges will quickly degrade and deteriorate when using medical strength cleaning products and chemicals. LNI has developed high quality solutions across their entire range to account for the rigorous cleaning routines that all medical equipment must undergo to maintain sterile work conditions. As well as continuing to be visible in line with the industry's compliance and ratings labels standards.

4. Visibility

Medical products can also be used in low light areas such as in ambulances or hospital wards. This may require the use of lighter colour designs for better visibility or even transparent labels which are backlit by LEDs. LNI’s Graphic Panels can provide various solutions effective for any shape or size.

Important product and safety information needs to be properly communicated in the medical industry. LNI’s extensive development team ensures that this is a part of every client’s product development process so you walk away with a long-lasting solution that can embrace every challenge thrown its way.

To get the best possible branding product for your next project talk to the experts at LNI. Contact us today - we can solve any tricky labelling problem you may be experiencing.

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