A complex product quickly produced - AFL Premiership car decal

To celebrate Melbourne Football Club's fantastic 2021 AFL Grand Final win, Fan Emblems, our consumer products division, has released an officially licensed premiership car badge in limited numbers.

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LNI partners with Camatic – a global stadium seating success story

Chances are, the last time you enjoyed a night out at the theatre, the movies or at a sporting stadium, you were sitting in a seat designed and manufactured by global stadium seating supplier, Camatic Seating, using high-quality branding and labelling by[...]

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The Top 3 Reasons That Labels Fail To Meet The Mark

I have recently been talking to a newly acquired customer of ours who previously struggled to find a label that was effective at its job. Labels are an effective way of portraying important information as well as providing free advertising for your brand[...]

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The Importance of Brand Identity in Product Branding

It is likely that as a business you have spent countless hours (and a tonne of money) developing a brand identity. You may have even done this without even knowing. Though, have you thought about how crucial it is to stay true to your brand identity when[...]

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The 4 Key Features to Consider When Designing a Nameplate or Label

There is a lot to think about before deciding on a nameplate or label, as this can affect the durability and effectiveness of your nameplate or label. Nameplates and labels are the best and longest lasting representation of your brand, so it is important[...]

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Make Your Logo Pop With 3D Domed Badges

If you are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of your logo, without having to do a complete re-design, then Lenscal (domed) badges (3D domed badges) can be the right solution.

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