Maximising Sovereign Capability in Australia’s Defence Supply Chain

As a regular supplier of nameplates, labels and badges to the Australian Defence Force and the industry supply chain that supports it, LNI understands the importance and value of military service and the national objective to grow and achieve greater[...]

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Why badges on cars often outlast the car itself

In the automotive industry, brand is everything. And we all know that the badges on a car are the key way that the car’s brand is advertised. That is why car manufacturers will use only the best in the business to provide badges for their vehicles.[...]

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Nameplates, Labels & Badges - you get what you pay for

LNI began in the automotive industry 50 years ago providing high-quality nameplates, labels and badges firstly to Toyota, then expanding to Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi.

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4 key considerations for medical nameplates, labels and badges

It is hard to find an occupation where clear communication is more critical than in the medical industry. Being able to correctly identify and rely on high quality metal nameplates, labels and badges to effectively achieve their purpose is a must.

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LNI is proud to be part of the Australian Made campaign

As Australians we have been blessed with a large amount of resources available to us over the last few decades in terms of raw materials, manufacturing, and transport but it has taken a global pandemic to show how reliant we have become.

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Every detail counts with state of the art medical equipment: NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator

LNI is proud to be a part of the production for the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program, a Grey Innovation led initiative supported by the Australian Government, Victorian Government and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre. 

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NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program

Every manufacturer likes to think of themselves as being able to respond to a challenge to provide a solution for a client. And every now and then a program comes along which provides that challenge.

LNI is proud to announce that it has been chosen to[...]

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Is there serious value in investing in your branding metal nameplates?

A brand does not exist within a company or organisation. A brand exists in the minds of your customers. Developing a strong brand presence to go with your product plays a big role in the success of your company and a big part of this is the quality of[...]

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Open for Business: An update for our Customers

While we all navigate our way through these challenging times, we thought it was important to provide an update on the state of our business and our ongoing support for your business.

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Coronavirus: what does it mean for your business?

We have been asked by so many of our customers how the manufacturing shut down in China will affect the supply of our products to them. As a wholly Australian manufacturer we’re pleased to say the answer is, not at all.

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