Make Your Logo Pop With 3D Domed Badges

If you are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of your logo, without having do a complete re-design, then 3D domed badges can be the right solution.

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3D domed badges are a very unique and modern way of labelling products and identifying brands and you will hear them commonly referred to as domed labels or domed stickers.

Domed badges are made with polyurethane material that is resistant to UV rays, scratches and wear, which makes it a good product to display your logo and brand effectively. They are custom made to suit whatever shape your logo is.

Not only do domed badges look visually attractive, they can be designed, engineered and manufactured to suit the most demanding conditions, including outdoor use and all with full automotive compliance.

Here are some key property benefits of 3D domed badges:

UV rays and scratch resistant

An issue faced by many logo stickers is that they lose colour as well as shine over a short period of time, due to extreme direct heat from the sun. With 3D domed badges, the materials used mean the sun’s rays do not deplete the logo therefore the badges stay true to the colour of your logo and continue to present your product professionally for a long period of time (often over 10 years). The 3D badges are made with domed layers which makes them resistant to scratching, again keeping your logo and product looking like new.

Water resistant and durable

The polyurethane and resin materials used to make these badges ensures that they are water resistant which in turn allows these products to have the ability to be long lasting. The problem usually faced by most stickers is that once water touches the material, the sticker is spoiled. However, with 3D domed badges, this problem is non-existent.

Made with strong adhesion

Adhesives are the most fundamental element of domed badges. Adhesives that are used for regular stickers or badges are not suitable for most outdoor usage. Using the right adhesive for the application will enable greater bond capabilities. The type of adhesive needed may change depending on the surface and potential conditions to which the badge will be subjected. That said, there are many types of adhesives designed for different surfaces and many types of uses. For instance, do you need permanent or removable adhesives options. Permanent adhesives are used for one-time application to achieve a highly secure bond. The adhesive also needs to be suitable for the outdoor environment such as resistant to heat, cold, damp and even chemicals, moss, insects, birds and more. Removable adhesives need similar characteristics in terms of functionality yet also need to be removed without leaving residue or surface damage.

Applicable for indoor and outdoor use

One of the major benefits of these badges is its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they have a bubble-like look that allows it to be used on a variety of objects both indoors and outdoors. They are usually seen on cars, motorcycles, electronics, appliances and white goods, as they are made up with materials that are suitable for outdoor application.

3D domed badges are an effective way to make your logo pop. At the same time, they also provide numerous property benefits to ensure durability and longevity.

Luna Nameplates Industries have been making domed badges for around 40 years and supply some of the biggest brand names in Australia. Talk to one of our experts to ensure you are equipped with the right information for selecting the right 3D domed badge solution.

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