LNI's Top Seven Tips when it comes to Design

Every business has some form of logo or identifying features. Larger businesses will have this written down in exact brand guidelines – which colours, font types, sizes and logos should be used.

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Smaller businesses will likely have an informal approach to these same guidelines. Why is this? It is because potential customers should be able to identify a business quickly through design aspects which can lead to more sales and a growing business.

When it comes to nameplates, labels and badges, it is important to get the design implemented right the first time for two reasons: the first being that you want your solution to be in line with your businesses brand. The second is that getting it wrong the first time around will not only cause headaches but also cost you both time and extra money.

Sometimes, designs cannot work technically on a nameplate, label or badge for a number of reasons. Redesigning the solution can be a waste of resources and delay your products from being manufactured. It is therefore important that you think about how your design will work before you decide on a nameplate, label or badge.

Here are LNI’s top seven tips to consider when it comes to designing a nameplate, label or badge:

  1. Keep it simple. The more you pack into your design the more confused its communication may become.

  2. Solid colours with good opacity always work best. They provide the most vibrant results and will be more durable as they are created using LNI’s proven screen-printing technology.

  3. Limiting the number of colours used in your design can be a good idea. A design with lots of colours can look fussy and will most likely be more expensive to produce.

  4. If you intend to use transparent colours, seek the expert advice of the LNI Technical Division. Transparent colours look great when used well, though they do add complexity and cost to your job.

  5. Transitions from one colour to another (called a vignette) may need to be digitally printed to achieve the desired result. Digital printing doesn't have the exterior durability of screen-printing, however, so this will need to be a consideration.

  6. You can make your part any shape you like. In fact, contour shaped products add great impact to your design. However, sticking to basic shapes like rectangles, squares, ovals and circles will be more cost effective.

  7. Please utilise the vast knowledge of our Sales and Technical Departments for expert advice on design, material selection, processes etc. Consulting early in the design process can help you to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

The experts in the LNI Art, Quality and Technical Departments can help you to design an effective nameplate, label or badge. Balancing your brand guidelines with common technical issues faced, the art department can perfect your design the first time – with no need for a third-party designer.

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LNI manufactures high quality metal nameplates right here in Australia.  If you have a product branding issue that needs solving, contact the experts at LNI today.


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