What to look out for when choosing a Nameplate, Label and Badging Supplier

The Automotive Industry has always been very selective when it comes to choosing suppliers. Is this necessarily a bad thing? LNI thinks not.

The selectiveness of the automotive industry pays dividends when it comes to build quality, lead times and overall efficiency of a streamlined production process. After all, this industry is frequently looked at as the leader when it comes to manufacturing processes. It also drives suppliers to excel in their specialist area which leads to creative and innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

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LNI has been trusted by the automotive industry for nearly 50 years. Why? LNI are leaders in everything that the automotive industry looks for in a supplier.

The same qualities that the automotive industry look for can benefit almost every industry. What are these qualities though?

Fully tested and validated products to the right automotive specifications

Product performance requirements are vital to the automotive industry. After all, the supplied product will always have an intended purpose. In the Automotive Industry, LNI are often called upon to both shine a light on the manufacturers branding, as well as convey important safety information.

This means that the product specifications must be tested and validated so that the products can last for years. If a specified adhesive is to fail the nameplate, label or badge will no longer serve its purpose. The same goes for the material used – will it fade in the sun?
In addition, some of the more important performance requirements include documented resistance to UV, thermal cycling, abrasion, fluids (water, petrol, oil etc) and chemicals.

LNI has tested and validated their products to a wide range of automotive specifications, including those from GM, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford. Additional testing can also be undertaken, if required.

Choose a supplier with the correct Quality Accreditations

Quality Accreditations are vital when it comes to the automotive industry. LNI is accredited to IATF/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In simple terms, LNI has developed a quality management system that strives for continual improvement, emphasising defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste, all while minimising the negative effect on the environment. As important as these accreditations are to the automotive industry, they can be valued by any other industry too.

Minimise the number of suppliers you need

The products the automotive industry manufactures and/or distributes are large and very complex. There are so many different parts required to manufacture a quality vehicle that dealing with an extraordinary number of individual suppliers can become an ordeal. All vehicles require a range of nameplates, labels and badges. LNI supplies a full suite of quality badge, label and nameplate options which will reduce the number of suppliers you need to liaise with which will result in important cost savings.

Streamlined design process

Many times, a nameplate, label or badge will be specified without a final design. The general content will usually be known but it takes a design team to bring these ideas to life. Some suppliers don’t offer a design service at all. While others outsource their design offering. LNI offers in-house concept design all the way through to full CAD to streamline the design process and ensure a great quality product. In-house 3D prototype printing is also available during the design phase.

Full control over manufacturing

Some suppliers will need to source tools, templates and moulds from other companies. This can not only slow down the supply process but can hinder the quality of the final product. LNI can maintain full control over all the manufacturing as they manufacture all of these production components in-house.

Greater control of the whole manufacturing process leads to a greater quality product that will better serve its intended purpose. If a faulty tool is used, it can affect a whole batch of products so it is important to find a manufacturer who owns this process themselves.

A large majority of the automotive industry has trusted LNI for the reasons mentioned above for nearly 50 years, and as a supplier, LNI can emulate these qualities into any industry.

If you have a product branding issue that needs solving, contact the experts at LNI today.

LNI is the perfect solution for the Automotive Industry


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