Ute Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays need tough product branding

Products such as ute canopies, service bodies & trays are exposed to challenging construction site conditions, carrying all sorts of heavy loads in the extremes of our Australian weather.

Ute accessories for tradies, such as canopies, service bodies and trays, need to be made tough:

  • Canopies to cover and protect their gear,
  • Service bodies to provide storage and keep tools organised and secure,
  • The tray itself, in which most tradespeople will throw all their gear!

That is why, when considering a branding solution for canopies, service bodies and trays – you need to make sure your solution is as tough as your product itself.

What branding or labelling will I need?

Imagine your product is a ute canopy, and the people that tend to buy your products are tradespeople. You can be confident that the utes carrying your products are driven extensively around a broad geographic area, visiting many residential homes, businesses and construction sites. Just think about how many people are exposed to the branding on your canopy! This is why it is so important to make sure your branding stands out.

A quality badge is what you need, to promote your brand for the life of your product. We recommend either LunaKrome 3D Chrome, Lenscal (Domed) Badges or Premium Decorative Nameplates to give your product the required wow factor that will last for the life of the ute or truck that your product is fitted to.

If you need a metal nameplate for a VIN, serial number or other important information, make sure you use a fully anodised plate. An inferior metal nameplate will likely fade, scratch or be susceptible to damage by solvents and other liquids.

Your product may need a warning and instructional label. These need to remain legible and stay in place. Only the highest quality materials should be used, and the adhesive choice is critical – as well as a clear top-coat for extra protection.

Ute canopies, service bodies & trays example

Why choose LNI?

LNI has been creating, guiding and advising businesses across many industries for more than 50 years on the right branding solutions for their products. We don’t provide a one size fits all solution! With multiple raw material and adhesive options, we can solve any product branding issue your business may face. 

All our badges, metal nameplates and labels are made to give a lasting impression, and give your brand image a longer life span with greater UV and abrasion resistance, which means less fading and scratching.

Our labels are easy to apply and resistant to most solvents and liquids. They are also designed to withstand high-pressure cleaning and all sorts of weather extremes.

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If you provide ute canopies, service bodies or trays and are after a badge, metal nameplate or label that is tough enough to withstand conditions your products are exposed to, then please contact us.

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