Cubbies and Sheds experience COVID resurgence

The big Australian lifestyle shift that began in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, shows no signs of abating in 2021, as the pandemic continues to rage globally.

Australians are spending more time at home than ever before, and are seeking ways to gain extra space and storage around their homes. In addition, they are looking at ways to transform their backyards, to create more idyllic spaces the whole family can enjoy.

Sheds as an additional living space

The answer for many, it seems, is popping a shed in their backyard. For some, it is simply a spot to store all their extra stuff, to allow them to find space to work from home or home-school indoors. But for others, these sheds are being repurposed as additional living spaces, guest rooms, man caves, hobby spaces, teenager retreats or home-gyms.

For one large Australian shed company, it has meant a whopping 450% sales growth in the past 12 months.

So, how can a shed manufacturer capitalise on this trend? Branding is more important than ever while your product is in such hot demand. A durable, eye-catching label on your shed is the best way of letting others know the shed’s origins. Not to mention, it is a constant reminder to the owners so they can recommend your brand to their friends. The Power of word of mouth!

Cubby & Shed product branding examples

Cubbies can turn your backyard into a sanctuary

For those with younger children, cubbies have also experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past two years, as more families seek to turn their backyards into sanctuaries. This not only gives younger children their own space to retreat into and play but also allows parents a bit of respite, which during this period of lockdowns and homeschooling is a welcome reprieve.

General Manager of Aarons Outdoor, Nat Gordon, said that their business noticed a 37% increase in sales in 2020. One of the biggest trends was people seeking larger cubbies with more floor space and height, which offered a more versatile space for their children that kept them engaged for longer.*

As with sheds, your cubby should offer prominent, durable branding that lasts as long as the cubby itself. Such branding is a constant reminder to the homeowners and any visitors (when COVID allows) of where the cubby was purchased. And word of mouth remains as strong as ever in this era when it can be difficult to physically shop around.

What branding product is best?

The most commonly used branding products for sheds and cubbies are LNI’s metal nameplates. Made from either high-grade aluminium or stainless steel, they offer durability and long-lasting good looks under a range of challenging environments, including exposure to high and low temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Some of our customers choose to add a Lenscal resin coating to their nameplates. This Lenscal (domed) coating immediately transforms a flat metal nameplate into a high gloss, premium decorative badge, giving it that real wow factor and helping your brand to stand out. And our Lenscal resin coating won’t crack, discolour or go brittle: it is a superior product that will look as good as it does when first applied, for the life of the product it is applied to.

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