How long do you expect the print on your metal nameplates, badges and labels to last?

We live in a disposable society thanks mainly to low quality cheap imports. However, LNI is committed to constantly developing and delivering high quality metal nameplates, badges and labels that are easy to apply and made to last - as long as, or longer, than the product they’re applied to.

Plenty of cheap branding products are made with a life expectancy of six months to one year and are normally lucky to last that long. That’s because most are digitally printed these days on cheap materials. Although they might be cheap to purchase, a poor quality digitally printed label or metal nameplate will fade quickly, particularly if exposed to natural light. So, not only has your label or metal nameplate faded, your all-important brand image has too.

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The good news is that there are ways to prevent your labels and metal nameplates from rapidly fading in Australia’s harsh environment.

If your label or metal nameplate must be digitally printed, always choose a high-quality material to print onto and consider the option of an additional clear topcoat, or over-laminate. LNI has a range of clear over-laminates which will greatly add to the lifespan of digital printing. These clear over-laminates will help to protect the digital print from fading, scratching and most solvents.

For the longest possible life span of your product branding, insist on having your metal nameplates, badges or labels screen-printed wherever possible. Instead of lasting maybe one to two years, a screen-printed label or metal nameplate can last up to 10 years, or longer. You can apply a clear over-laminate to screen-printed products too which gives extra protection from scratching and solvents. You will have seen these types of labels used within the global automotive industry. LNI has been screen-printing for nearly 50 years so fully understand the complexities of the process.

Anodising your metal nameplates is the ultimate way to protect against fading and scratching. A metal nameplate often has important information on it like serial numbers, compliance or rating information along with company logos and contact details. This information needs to be free from fading for many years and fully anodising your metal nameplate is the only way to guarantee this.

A poor-quality metal nameplate or label might be cheap to buy initially but can cost you in the long run. It’s not advertising for you anymore if it’s faded and you might end up replacing them time after time. Plus, if important information, like a serial number, has faded or scratched away then this could lead to expensive issues later on.

So, what does all this mean for your product branding? A high-quality metal nameplate, badge or label will:

  • Give your brand image a longer life span with less fading and scratching.
  • Provide greater visibility in your markets.
  • Be a more affordable solution in the long run.
  • Give you less headaches with returns and complaints.
  • Deliver more satisfied customers.

All LNI’s metal nameplates, badges and labels are designed and manufactured in-house and are quality tested for consistency and durability to avoid unwanted fading. See here further information on LNI’s in-house design team or click here to get in touch – we can solve any labelling problem you may be experiencing.

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