Why effective product branding is so important for the automotive industry

Product branding can and is utilised to great effect in the automotive industry. Every vehicle you see on the road is instantly recognisable based solely on the badge or emblem on the vehicle.

Almost everyone in the automotive industry agrees that badging a car is necessary, though why you should use a high-quality badge is not so clear. Here we look at why effective product branding is so important for the automotive industry and why good quality branding is essential.

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Numerous benefits of product branding in the automotive industry

Whether it is by way of chrome emblems, domed badges, metal nameplates or any other label or decal, there are numerous benefits to product branding. However, not all manufacturers of badges and nameplates are equal. Choosing the manufacturer for your product branding is as important as choosing the design of the emblem or badge itself to represent your brand. Branding on the vehicle should be done to the same high-quality as the vehicle that branding is going to portray. There are many benefits of using high quality product branding solutions in the automotive industry including:

  • Ensuring the vehicle is identifiable on the road
  • Badges that stand the test of time help when reselling the vehicle
  • Branding sticks in the mind
  • Avoiding potential liability issues

Badges, nameplates and labels ensure vehicle brands stand out

Badges, nameplates and labels both help make the brand of a vehicle stand out and be instantly recognisable. A simple glance at an emblem on the front of the vehicle instantly tells you that car came from a particular manufacturer. I bet you can name most car manufacturers based purely off their logo.

Car manufacturers should pay as much time and thought to their chosen manufacturer of vehicle badge branding as they did the design and construction of the vehicle they are putting the badge onto. High-quality vehicles deserve high quality branding. One often overlooked aspect of product branding solutions is the adhesive used. A poor-quality badge or label is likely to use low quality adhesive. This may work fine for a couple of years; however, it is more likely to fall off. It must be pretty annoying to have badges fall off after spending all that money on a brand-new car. Read further on the importance of brand identity here.

Good quality badges that last a lifetime help with resale value

Superior quality badges, nameplates and labels will last for the lifetime of the vehicle and providing they do, they can help when it comes to the resale value of the vehicle. No one wishes to purchase a vehicle that has the badging, nameplates or labels fading or falling off. This signifies poor quality craftsmanship and no vehicle manufacturer wants to have this hanging over their heads.
Quality lifetime badges and labels help to avoid liability and compliance issues.

Badges and labels are not only used for portraying the brand name and image, they are also used to provide essential information to drivers and other end users. Issues could arise for instance if a car requires 98 octane fuel but the label warning of this has fallen off. In this case, lower octane petrol might be used instead potentially leading to issues and hefty charges to remedy the situation.

Poor quality badges and labels may also lead to compliance issues. Fuel consumption labels are mandatory for every new car in a showroom in Australia. Allowing consumers to compare fuel consumption easily across vehicles is important and helps make informed decisions. Ideally you want to show off how fuel efficient your vehicle is anyway. Using a quality labelling solution can ensure that your labels stay where they should, serve their purpose, and keep you away from legal issues.

LNI adopts the same approach to vehicle branding that the manufacturers of vehicles take, providing quality products that last the lifetime of the vehicle. We have worked in the business for many decades, working alongside both large and small manufacturers, all of whom have put their trust in our branding capabilities. Contact us today.

LNI is the perfect solution for the Automotive Industry


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