Three reasons why you should only buy Australian made Metal Nameplates

There are many ways that businesses communicate messages to their customers. Off the top of your head, you would probably name both traditional and digital forms of marketing. Email, advertising, social media or metal nameplates.

Okay, maybe you didn’t think of the last one, however, metal nameplates do play an important role in communicating information to your customers.
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A metal nameplate could convey a serial number, build date, a service reminder, safety information or even just your brand and contact information. A quality nameplate is therefore important, as you can’t afford to have it fail by fading, scratching or even falling off. You also spend time streamlining manufacturing processes, so ordering a nameplate which does not get delivered on time or in perfect condition can lead to massive delays (and headaches).

This means that using a metal nameplate supplier who sources them from overseas locations, such as China or India, can be very risky. It may seem cheaper upfront but may end up costing you more in the long run.

LNI has identified the three main reasons why you should insist on buying Australian made metal nameplates.

1. Quality

When it comes to the quality of a metal nameplate, there are many aspects that you need to look out for.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the highest grade of aluminium or stainless steel is used. This ensures that you get a long life from your new metal nameplate. Australian suppliers will be able to guarantee the quality of the materials used.

Secondly, if your nameplate is anodised, the anodic layer (the invisible top surface which gives a metal nameplate its long life) will always be thicker on an Australian Made metal nameplate. Again, this will ensure that the nameplate lasts longer.

With an Australian made metal nameplate, you will also have more choice of thicknesses, adhesive backings, colours and finishes. This not only contributes to a nameplate that lasts for years but one which will look perfect for years.

2. Consistency
Consistency can be a big issue when it comes to metal nameplates sourced from overseas. It is likely that you buy your nameplates in batches, and you will need more at some point in the future. It is not uncommon for an overseas supplier to send back a new batch that looks wildly different to the first one.

LNI can guarantee you’ll receive the same metal nameplate to your order’s specifications time after time. We don’t vary the specifications unless you ask us to. Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a second batch of metal nameplates and the adhesive is different, or the metal is a different thickness or the colour of your logo is not quite the same, or the size of the mounting holes has changed. This can throw out the whole production process if you need to find a new way to attach the nameplates.

Your business should not have to settle for inconsistencies.

3. Lead times
Keeping lead times short and reliable is a priority for every manufacturer. It will always take longer to receive an order of metal nameplates from overseas than if you ordered an Australian made metal nameplate. In fact, just delivery itself will be quicker from an Australian supplier, as it can take weeks to ship from overseas.

Often, Australian orders in overseas factories are not a priority as our quantities are viewed as being small by global standards. This can lead to a blowout in the time it takes to make your metal nameplate. It may also lead to expected delivery dates being consistently missed or changed.

Overall communication will be easier when dealing with an Australian supplier. This is the case even if you deal with an Australian agent for an overseas factory. To start with, you won’t be talking to a sales rep who then needs to contact the factory due to time zone differences, which are often four hours or more behind Australian time. If you use an Australian supplier such as LNI, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer, so you will be able to negotiate the best lead times to suit your business.

Before purchasing metal nameplates from overseas, ensure you think about how it could affect your business. It may seem cheaper upfront, though it will often end up costing more in other ways.

LNI manufactures high-quality metal nameplates right here in Australia.  If you have a product branding issue that needs solving, contact the experts at LNI today.

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