Chrome-plated injection moulding vs LunaKrome™ - can you tell the difference?

Take a look at two badge comparisons. R or GXL? Anthem or Trident? In each of these photos, one of the badges is a traditional rigid injection moulded and chrome plated badge, and the other is a revolutionary LunaKrome™ badge.

Can you pick the difference?

Traditional chrome-plated injection moulding vs  LunaKrome™

If you guessed GXL or Trident were the LunaKrome™ badges, you are correct! As you can see from the image below, LunaKrome™ badges can be applied to curved surfaces with ease, a feat not possible with a rigid chrome injection moulding. 

LNI’s very own LunaKrome™ 3D chrome badging is just like chrome-plated injection moulding, but it is flexible so it can be applied to curved or textured surfaces. It is the badging technology of choice for leading automotive brands including Holden, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, BMW and many more. Just imagine how it could transform your product branding!

LunaKrome™ is not only suited to cars – but it is also widely used for high quality badging in the RV & Marine industry, used on trucks, boats, caravans and more.

It is not just the flexibility that makes LunaKrome™ the better choice than traditional rigid chrome-plated injection moulding. It also offers quick turnaround times, is affordable and offers so much scope in terms of design. And it is Australian Made, so you are supporting local!

Key benefits & features

Just some of the key benefits and features of LunaKrome™ badging are:

  • It is flexible so it can be applied to curved surfaces
  • Chrome finishes include gloss, satin, brushed and black
  • Full-colour printing can be incorporated onto the base chrome material to match
    any corporate colour or design
  • Ease of application with an approved automotive foam adhesive tape to the back of the badge, or can be supplied mounted into a disposable fitting template
  • Quick turnaround and affordable - locally made tooling
  • A 3D printed prototype (extra cost option) can also be supplied at the design stage

Talk with an expert

Contact the experts at LNI to discuss how LunaKrome™, the world’s most advanced 3D chrome badge technology, can take your brand to the next level.

All our products are Australian made, designed, and manufactured. Request a quote from LNI today.

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