Making the most of the COVID-led boom in some industry sectors

The COVID-19 global pandemic has greatly changed our lives in the past 18 months and has also been a catalyst for fundamental change across many industries.

With restrictions on international travel and even travel within Australia, Australians are spending their money on different things, leading to a boom in some sectors, admittedly at the expense of others.  

Australians are exploring their local backyards in record numbers, as well as spending up big on home improvements, wellness and lifestyle equipment and more.

If you are in a sector experiencing positive growth, now is your time to capitalise on that, and promote your brand and your business as much as possible.

Backyard pools and spas

As reported by the ABC in December 2020, pool, spa and landscaping businesses have been run off their feet as more Australians seek to make their home environment more comfortable during the pandemic. The renewed focus on home and lifestyle improvements and health and wellness has helped spur on this trend.

If you work in this sector, now is the time to make sure that your pool, spa or associated equipment has branding that pops!

We are proud to work with Sapphire Spas - an Australian made and owned success story. Their beautiful range of spas and swim pools stand out from the crowd with optimum, high-quality components and attention to detail. One of those details that help Sapphire make its mark is the bold and prominent badging on each spa. This branding cannot be missed and is a great way to cross-promote to visitors – as well as a daily reminder to the owners of the brand – a huge help with word of mouth recommendations.

Sapphire Spas

Outdoor/adventure retailers

Holidays are an integral part of our lives – something we look forward to, spending quality family time. International and even interstate travel restrictions, and intermittent border closures, have meant many more Australians are taking road trips locally within their own States.

For outdoor and adventure retailers, this has led to increased demand for their products, such as tents, caravans, 4WD accessories and more. Badging and labelling for these products has never been more important, as many of these items are highly visible to the public – now is the time to get your brand out there!

Outdoor/adventure retailers

Branding solutions

Just some of the recommended branding solutions for these sorts of products include:

LNI understands that there is no single branding solution that will work across all products. We always take the time to understand your product branding needs and work with you to tailor a solution.

Our technical division and art department can provide a comprehensive service, advising you on what will work best for your product, and creating a design that will give your product a wow factor.

Talk to the experts

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate or label that will give your product a lasting impression, whether you are a pool or spa supplier, outdoor/adventure retailer, in the health/wellness sector or another industry that is enjoying a spike in popularity during these Covid times, then please contact us.

12 Questions to ask before buying a product branding solution - download from LNI


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