LNI partners with Camatic – a global stadium seating success story

Chances are, the last time you enjoyed a night out at the theatre, the movies or at a sporting stadium, you were sitting in a seat designed and manufactured by global stadium seating supplier, Camatic Seating, using high-quality branding and labelling by LNI.

Seating supplied by Camatic is used in some of the most high-profile venues around the world: Wimbledon’s Court One in the UK, the MCG in Melbourne, cinemas throughout Australia, Europe and the US and the Atlanta Stadium in the US, home of the Atlanta Olympic Games. In fact, Camatic’s stadium and cinema seating is used widely around the globe – we have branded their seating in 8-10 stadiums in the USA in the past 2-3 years alone.

Furniture and seating are perfect candidates for high-quality branding. Camatic cottoned onto this years ago, and partners with LNI to provide all badging and branding for their seating worldwide. And there are lots of different settings that have high volume seating!

Badging and labelling required for high volume seating includes seat and row/aisle numbers and sometimes even a sporting team emblem or brand. Whatever the requirements, LNI has you covered. And of course, making sure your badge, metal nameplate or label can’t be easily picked off by patrons/attendees is a priority, so adhesive becomes an important consideration plus being repellant to drink spills. Any old label/badging provider just will not cut it. Read our blog on why LNI takes Quality so seriously here.

Stadium and cinema seating can be made from a variety of materials: timber, metal, plastic or cloth - some are hard, some are cushioned. Just some of the recommended branding solutions for this type of high-volume seating include:

In addition to high volume stadium and cinema seating of the type designed and manufactured by Camatic, LNI also has experience in working with companies who supply:

  • Office furniture
  • Domestic outdoor furniture
  • Council park benches, drinking fountains & bins
  • Bus and coach seating
  • Marine seating
  • Airport seating.

Various examples of furniture and outdoor seating branding

LNI understands that there is no single branding solution that will work across all applications. We always take the time to understand your product branding needs and work with you to tailor a solution.

Talk to the experts

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate or label that will give your seating or furniture a lasting impression, whether you are a stadium, cinema, place of worship, educational institute, transport hub or another seating user, then please please talk to one of our experts to ensure you are equipped with the right information for selecting the right branding solution.

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