How do you know a special vehicle is special?

"I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back any more - the feeling that I could last forever, outlast the sea, the earth, and all men."

Joseph Conrad reflected on the emotions of boundlessness and invincibility that one experiences in their youth.

It brings to mind images of the sun, surfing, and cruising down the coast with friends. It was always the friend with the 4x4 who we were most envious of, back in the early days of recreational vehicles, and owning a 4x4 made you special. How could you tell it was a 4x4? Well, it had "4x4" boldly written on the side, that's how.

Much like the emotions Conrad describes, vehicle graphics are a vibrant expression of the fearless and limitless self-perception many people embrace. These graphics often embody bold, dynamic designs that symbolise freedom, and a break from convention, resonating with the youthful feeling of being able to "outlast the sea, the earth, and all men."

HSV Ute tray example vehicle graphics

For many people, eye-catching graphics are not just about aesthetics but a declaration of their identity and individuality in the face of a vast and often colourless world. When every vehicle is beginning to look pretty much like the one next to it, or indeed exactly like the one next to it (in the showroom) vehicle graphics are a way to make a mark, a visual or personal stamp that declares their presence and sets them apart. And of course, it can help you sell the vehicle. 

Vehicle graphics make a car stand out from the crowd. A well-designed graphic can transform a vehicle's aesthetic appeal, attracting potential buyers looking for something unique or specific to their tastes.

Certain graphics appeal to niche markets or specific buyer demographics. For example, a vehicle with racing stripes or a custom graphic design might appeal more to younger buyers or those interested in sports cars. Tailoring a vehicle’s look to fit the tastes of a specific group can make it sell faster within that community.

Mitsubishi 11 - example of vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics can be a form of storytelling, like how Conrad's memories evoke a narrative of youthful endurance and aspiration. In this way, vehicle graphics extend beyond mere decoration, they are a powerful form of self-expression that captures the essence of excitement and the desire to be distinctive.

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