Coronavirus: what does it mean for your business?

We have been asked by so many of our customers how the manufacturing shut down in China will affect the supply of our products to them. As a wholly Australian manufacturer we’re pleased to say the answer is, not at all.
As we’ve all seen in the media, the business shut down due the impact of Coronavirus has been extraordinary, and it's even having a dramatic impact on the world’s stock markets. We certainly feel for all those directly affected, and there are also indirect consequences we are all experiencing.

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The question now is how will this now affect product supply around the globe in the coming weeks and months? What other supply issues will come now that China is the world’s manufacturing base? Does it make sense to start looking at on-shoring the supply of products into your business?

Using an Australian based manufacturer has always meant better communication, shorter lead times from order to delivery, smaller minimum order quantities and technical support on hand. Add to this the increased quality (see Three Reasons why you should only buy Australian Nameplates) we think these are compelling reasons to buy Australian made. More to the point is how much will this shut down cost current Australian companies (indeed world companies) and will this make them reconsider their supply chain. My guess is that once the cost of this supply chain breakdown is measured you will see many more companies reverting to local suppliers, because “we just can’t afford to go through that again!”

So, as a result many company’s procurement, supply and manufacturing managers will need to start to consider the risk of supply interruption and continuity of supply as one of their key decision-making criteria.

Either way, let us assure all of our customers that there is no interruption here.

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