Exposure testing - complying with industry standards

The LNI Quality Department is responsible for ensuring LNI products meet the exact standards for our customers as well as monitoring and maintaining the Quality Assurance System. Part of complying with any industry standard is having your products[...]

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LNI was proud to be involved with Holden's Project Monaro comp

The fine detail and how you present yourself is everything when it comes to the automotive industry. LNI has been working with Holden in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years providing high quality, stand out branding products for many of their[...]

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How long do you expect the print on your metal nameplates, badges and labels to last?

We live in a disposable society thanks mainly to low quality cheap imports. However, LNI is committed to constantly developing and delivering high quality metal nameplates, badges and labels that are easy to apply and made to last - as long as, or[...]

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LNI's Top Seven Tips when it comes to Design

Every business has some form of logo or identifying features. Larger businesses will have this written down in exact brand guidelines – which colours, font types, sizes and logos should be used.

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Three reasons why you should only buy Australian made Metal Nameplates

There are many ways that businesses communicate messages to their customers. Off the top of your head, you would probably name both traditional and digital forms of marketing. Email, advertising, social media or metal nameplates.

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What to look out for when choosing a Nameplate, Label and Badging Supplier

The Automotive Industry has always been very selective when it comes to choosing suppliers. Is this necessarily a bad thing? LNI thinks not.

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What is the most important feature of a nameplate, label or badge? (Spoiler – It’s the adhesive used)

An often-overlooked feature of a new nameplate, label or badge is also one of the most important. It is easy to get lost in beautiful designs that make your logo pop. After all, designing and then buying a new badge for a product can be an exciting[...]

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Why effective product branding is so important for the automotive industry

Product branding can and is utilised to great effect in the automotive industry. Every vehicle you see on the road is instantly recognisable based solely on the badge or emblem on the vehicle.

Almost everyone in the automotive industry agrees that[...]

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What can the truck body and trailer industry learn from the automotive industry when it comes to nameplates, labels and badges?

I’d be willing to make a bet that you could recognise the manufacturer of almost any car on the road. If I was to mention some car brands now, such as Mercedes, Hyundai or Mitsubishi you would not only be able to imagine what their logo looks like but[...]

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Nameplates, Labels and Badges for the RV and Marine Industry

The RV and Marine industry is known for manufacturing products that are built to withstand some of the toughest conditions the Australian climate can throw at them. Salt air and water can destroy poorly made products, the hot Australian sun can[...]

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